42 days of recording

Cardiom begins the ECG recording as soon as the system is turned on and all the cables are connected. It continues data recording up to 42 days. If the system is turned off for changing the batteries or necessities like bath etc, the recorded file is saved, and a new file starts recording as soon as the system turns on. The system can record up to 42 days with the supplied SD Card.

72 hours of battery

The system has up to 72 hours of battery time in the off-line mode. This is shorter on the on-line mode. When the battery is low, the system gives audio and visual alarms. The battery should be replaced with the spare and be recharged with the battery charger.

12 derivations of ECG recording
standard 7 derivations

The system is capable of recording 7 derivations with the standard 5 cables delivered. There is an optional 10 cable solution for recording 12 derivations.

Recording of events to Web over GSM

When the system is running on off-line mode, it records ECG signals however does not continuously stay connected to the server. It connects if necessary, for instance, once its alarm button is pressed. The ECG derivations recorded 7 seconds before and 3 seconds after the alarm button is pressed, are sent to Livewell servers over GSM line. ECG signals can be monitored over Web Platform and Mobile Application. When running on online mode, the ECG derivations records on certain episodes automatically, or the doctor could request for a short term online monitoring.

Web Based Analysis Software

It is a web-based software accessible through a password on internet browsers. The ECG rhythms of the patient are converted to a long-term holter report, with user friendly reporting tools. The report could be stored locally or in the hospital management system if required. Livewell Healthcare Intelligent Platform ECG Analysis has a success rate of 99.8% in the MIT-BIH Arrythmia Database.


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