The subject of this Declaration is to inform the Data Subject (“Data Subject”) regarding his/her rights in the processing of their personal data shared with Livewell Giyilebilir Sağlık Ürün Hizmet ve Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“LiveWell”) through the contact via website, e-mail or other electronic mediums and to obtain his/her explicit consent within the scope of the legislation on personal data protection, particularly the Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) published in the Official Gazette dated 07.04.2016 and numbered 29677.

2.Personal Data Within the Scope of Explicit Consent

This explicit consent comprises any personal data of the Data Subject including the followings:
2.1. Name, surname;
2.2. E-mail address;
2.3. IP address;

3. Method, Legal Grounds and Purpose of Personal Data Processing

LiveWell collects the personal data which is subject to this Declaration through the electronic mediums in order to provide effective feedback to the communication requests, conduct operational and advertising/ promotional activities, give information, take action according to the requests of Data Subjects, conduct communication activities, develop services, ensure customer satisfaction, execute contractual relationships, carry out evaluation and feedback processes about services effectively. The personal data collected in this manner may be processed through automatic and non-automatic methods. LiveWell shall not exceed these purposes and basis in terms of processing personal data.

4. Transfer of Personal Data

LiveWell shall not transfer any personal data of the Data Subject that is processed pursuant to the afore-mentioned purposes to any real or legal persons excluding the duly authorized organizations and institutions when required by legal obligations.

5. Duration of Processing Personal Data

LiveWell retains the personal data as accurate and current within the latest technological methods and processes the personal data for a limited time necessary for the aforementioned purposes. In case of disappearance of the process reasons, LiveWell shall erase, destruct or anonymize the personal data ex officio or upon a demand by the Data Subject.

6. The Rights of Data Subject

Data Subject may use the rights listed below by applying to LiveWell:

6.1.ascertaining whether any personal data is processed or not;

6.2.requesting information related to the processed personal data, if processed;

6.3.ascertaining the purpose of processing personal data, and whether this data is used in compliance with the(se) purpose(s);

6.4.identifying third parties to whom the personal data is transferred within the country or abroad;

6.5.requesting rectification if the personal data is processed in an unsatisfactory or incorrect manner;

6.6.requesting erasure or destruction of the personal data within the framework of Article 7 of the Law;

6.7.requesting to send notification of the operations carried out in compliance with subparagraphs 6.5 and 6.6 to the third parties to whom the personal data had been transferred;

6.8.objecting to the processing of the personal data, exclusively by automatic means, which results to an unfavorable consequence for the Data Subject and

6.9.claiming compensation for the damages due to the unlawful processing of the personal data.

In order to exercise the afore-mentioned rights, the Data Subject shall convey the requests in writing, along with the information that will enable identification, to LiveWell through the following means of communication:

a. via e-mail to

b. via mail to the address“Teknopark İstanbul Sanayi Mahallesi Teknopark Bulvarı No: 1 / 4A 309 Pendik İstanbul, Türkiye”

7. Scope

This Declaration covers the terms and conditions of the Livewell Personal Data Protection Policy published by LiveWell on the websites